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Sonographic Sound Processing

STFT Analysis Driven Sonographic Sound Processing in Real-Time using Max/MSP and Jitter – dissertation and 47 accompanying Max patches

Article on Sonographic Sound Processing that should serve as an introduction to the dissertation and the subject of Sonographic Sound Processing in general.

  1. Chris Vik
    Chris Vik03-24-2016

    Tadej – I just quickly want publicly thank you for your great work on this project. Both the dissertation and patches have been a massive help and inspiration to myself and my work over the last couple of years.

    I’ve been pursuing a similar concept to this which some people reading this might be interested in.

  2. Andrej Kobal
    Andrej Kobal04-19-2017

    Amazing work, this is truly inspiring and educative project. It opens so much possibilities for unique sound manipulation. Just keep up the good work. Respect… Andrej

  3. Tadej Droljc
    Tadej Droljc04-19-2017

    Thanks Andrej!

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