Particle Granular

Particle System based Granular Synthesis

Audio sample of a female voice was played back 10 times slower in a granular sampler. Each grain was controlled by x, y and z coordinates of particles in a particle system. x was modulating panorama, y was modulating pitch and z was modulating sample reading position. There was 16 particles and hence 16 accompanying audio grains.

Everything was made in Max/MSP/Jitter.

  1. Benjamin

    Hello ,

    This is amazing.. Will you be selling a version?
    I would love to buy!

    Great work!!

  2. Tadej Droljc
    Tadej Droljc03-11-2016

    Thanks for your comment Benjamin! I will make it available in next couple of months (for free). I just need to tidy the patch and make it user friendly.

  3. loufoo


    wow! I would love to check out this patch!!! Did you finish it yet?

  4. Tadej Droljc
    Tadej Droljc04-01-2016

    I plan to return to this patch and finish it at the end of the summer. Please check again in September, I’ll make it available. And thanks for your feedback!

  5. N. Ron
    N. Ron10-05-2016

    Hi, very interesting, is there any way to try or buy it?

  6. Max

    Tadjec, would love love love to see your patch. Thank you. Please be sure to post it on your original cycling74 thread. Looking forward! Cheers!

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