I won the Lumen Prize Student Award in London! Global Tour here I come!

On 20.9.2017 at the Lumen award ceremony in London it was announced that I won a Lumen Prize Student Award which includes also a global tour! The prize was awarded to my audiovisual composition Capillaries Capillaries that represents the core of my PhD portfolio.



Special thanks go to: Dr. Alex Harker and Prof. Pierre Alexandre Tremblay for being absolutely amazing PhD mentors; Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield, for awarding me a Denis Smalley Scholarship in Electroacoustic Music; Ministry of Culture Slovenia for awarding me a scholarship for post-graduate studies abroad.

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Poppy Simpson, Head of Content and Curation at Meura, handing me the award
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Me and Carla Rapoport, director and founder of Lumen Prize
Me and Poppy Simpson (Head of Content and Curation at Meural)
Me and my very supportive partner Diana
Lumen Prize Logo
Ars Electronica Catalogue E1505322892218

Tonight @ Ars Electronica / Deep Space 8K

I am playing tonight at the Ars Electronica Festival in Deep Space 8K!

A Fragment of my Composition Appears in the Ars Electronica 2017 Teaser!

I will be performing at the Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica 2017 Festival and it is a great honour that my audiovisual composition Capillaries Capillaries was chosen to be included in the official teaser for the festival!


Lumen’s Meural Prize

Today it was announced at V&A museum in London that I am longlisted for the Meural Student Prize (part of the Lumen prize) which means top 5 in my category…feelin’ funky! The work in competition is:

Capillaries Capillaries



Most Promising VideoArtist Prize

I am honoured to receive a Most Promising VideoArtist Prize at the MADATAC 08 festival in Madrid (Spain). The prize was awarded to the audiovisual piece Capillaries that represents the first movement of the longer composition Capillaries Capillaries. Thank you MADATAC!

Capillaries Capillaries Amsterdam Performance @ Zeger De Vos

Reviews of Capillaries Capillaries performances in Tempo Journal, 5:4, Sigic…

While touring with my composition/performance Capillaries Capillaries I received some very positive reviews in the media…

“The opening night began in breath-taking beauty with the world premiere of Capillaries Capillaries, by the University’s own Tadej Droljc. A packed Phipps Hall is darkened and dwarfed by a six-metre-wide High Definition screen. HISS surrounds an arrangement of chairs, creating anticipation for what is to come; careful judgment of where to sit is required for the optimum listening experience. The introduction of the symbiotic interaction between sound and image in Droljc’s audiovisual landscape begins delicately and with intrigue. As the relationship plays out, one is mesmerised by the stunning detail and inseparability of parts. Granular and complex layering of textures are offered visibly and audibly, both inextricably linked and reliant on the other”              Tempo, Cambridge University Press

“hypnotic audio-visual piece that brought to mind the work of Ryoji Ikeda…hypnotic and often stunningly beautiful. The play of opposites – between nebulosity and fixed geometry, small notes/lines and large constellations, sustained pitches and hard percussive elements, and between aspects of stasis and rapid/regular activity – was engrossing, constantly displaying a sense of underlying physicality, and its imaginative range was substantial. Very impressive.”                      Simon Cummings, 5:4

“Istega večera je bil na istem prizorišču vsaj za nekatere, ki smo ga pred tem poznali le po imenu in še to ne kot glasbenika, ampak kot pisca o glasbi, svojevrstno odkritje Tadej Droljc. Fascinantna simetrija geometričnih vizualij in glitchevske elektronike je skupaj s časovno do potankosti tempiranim (se pravi ne predolgim) nastopom poskrbela za enega od vrhuncev letošnje Sajete.”                                             Bojan Vrlič


Premiere at Electric Spring Festival 2017

After almost two years of developing various tools, techniques and compositional strategies I finally finished my 23 minutes long audiovisual piece entitled Capillaries Capillaries that represents the core of my PhD portfolio. It will be premiered on 22.02.2017 at the Electric Spring Festival (Huddersfield, UK).