I won the Lumen Prize Student Award in London! Global Tour here I come!

OnĀ 20.9.2017 at the Lumen award ceremony in London it was announced that I won a Lumen Prize Student Award which includes also a global tour! The prize was awarded to my audiovisual composition Capillaries Capillaries that represents the core of my PhD portfolio.



Special thanks go to: Dr. Alex Harker and Prof. Pierre Alexandre Tremblay for being absolutely amazing PhD mentors; Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield, for awarding me a Denis Smalley Scholarship in Electroacoustic Music; Ministry of Culture Slovenia for awarding me a scholarship for post-graduate studies abroad.

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Poppy Simpson, Head of Content and Curation at Meura, handing me the award
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Me and Carla Rapoport, director and founder of Lumen Prize
Me and Poppy Simpson (Head of Content and Curation at Meural)
Me and my very supportive partner Diana
Lumen Prize Logo