Winner of the Lumen Prize Student Award!

Lumen Awards

My audiovisual composition Capillaries Capillaries is the winner of the Lumen Prize Student Award 2017!

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@ MADATAC 08 Festival in Madrid

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Arcadi & Paris Bienalle NEMO 2019/2020

Arcadi Ile-De-France decided to support project Synspecies! Part of the support is also an invitation to the next Paris Biennale NEMO 2019/2020!

Synspecies joined ENCAC!

Project Synspecies joined The European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation ENCAC!

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Creative Arts Building


I am currently pursuing a doctorate at Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) at the University of Huddersfield.

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Spaceless Latitudes

Spaceless Latitudes shortlisted for LUMEN PRIZE!

Installation Spaceless Latitudes was shortlisted for the LUMEN PRIZE in category Moving Image!!

Selected audiovisual works



I do all sorts of new media related stuff but for the last few years I’ve been focusing mainly on abstract real-time based audiovisual art. Since I am a creative coder the art and the tech paradigms are completely fused in my works. Therefore you can find here my various art projects or projects I’ve done for other artists as well as various instruments or externals/abstractions/patches I’ve implemented in Max/Jitter, music, mixes, jingles, CV etc.

My Areas of Competence


Art & Engineering

  • Electronic music
  • Sound design
  • Audiovisual composition
  • Music mixing
  • Audio recording

Programming (Max/MSP/Jitter)

  • For intermedia
  • Audio instruments
  • Sound effects
  • Generative visuals
  • Audiovisual systems
  • Interactive systems
  • Human-computer interfaces

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